Guys been using the trio classic 15 since April. Have finally for the correct placement, this is the best audio I’ve had in my room in the last 20 odd years in the hobby. The bass on these is silly good, measured clean down to 30hz. The changes that are made to the XO are Mundorf Supreme Oil 66uf and Mundorf supreme silver gold oils 2uf along with duelund silver bypass cap. I tried another coil of 12 awg too but it infact killed the sound, the bass became muted. Edit: Have tried 2 smaller 300B amps 8 watts and 24 watts. They completely killed the performance of the setup vs the Solid State Karan I’m using. Someday I hope to listen to a big Tube amp soon but cant imagine the bass being the same like how it plays with the big SS. Edit 2: Some details about the placement. My room is about 12×24. The speaker is placed 5 feet from the front wall and around 8.5 feet apart. I’m seated around 9 feet from the speaker. The toe in is around 6 inches before my ears at the listening position, initially during the break in days this position caused the speaker to come into the room and sort of be overbearing. Now its disappeared fully and sounds sweet with very little colour otherwise. The highlight for me still is the bass since I have never experienced this bass at my place with a box ever before and was given a lot of BS arguments by a lot of people how the room was the issue. My previous speaker was 6x the cost of the PAP in retail terms. The PAP blows it apart to my ears.

S.B., India

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