… All the components have reached super fast and in great shape.

My daughters and wife encourage and support all my experiments and are eagerly waiting for the build to get done which I would complete by Tuesday night.
What cut off frequency would you recommend for the TB and eminence combo? … ”

answer: “…Hope all will go easy and smooth and that you’ll have fun ! I would prefer to share than recommend on the cut off frequencies 🙂 since it is hard for me to make my mind between the following three points: ~180Hz, ~250Hz and ~450Hz… I guess my favorite is the 250 but the passive XO that BluePlanetAcoustic designed is close to 500 and sounds amazing. The cutoff freq IMO has noticeable impact on the mids, While the TB is sweet, accurate and refined, the Alphas have larger body and presence… and… the amplification also contributes to what will sound a better match… I would start with 250 and move left or right.

Also, if I recall you use a DSP… I do add 3 to 6 DB from 100HZ and down in a linear slope all the way towards 40hz and sometimes boost the highs in 2 to 4db from 10k (do it when need to impress)… all are matter of taste as there is no accurate and common base line to our ears and souls 🙂 flat is a good starting point but our senses and responses differ and are definitely not flat…

Hope this was not too much mind boggling…”, Ze’ev

after a while:
… Ze’ev, I finished the build and tested the speakers with the DSP and bi amps. At 250 Hz cut off its FANTASTIC. This is the first time I have hear Open Baffles, the Bass is crisp, live and vibrant. I was also awed by the TB full range drivers, they are electrifying to say the least. Above all the sound is completely uncoloured and that is what strikes instantly.

I am now awaiting a mic to be able to test the speakers and adjust the filters, I shall try out 350 and 500 hz cut offs. I and my family have taken a picture which I or madhvi(my better half) shall forward.

I am off to —– for a few days, can’t wait till I get back to complete the experimenting and tuning.

I am sure there are at least 3 friends/family who will want me to build for them. Shall keep you posted!!

Warm Regds. …”, end quote

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