Hi Ze’ev,

Well, I finally finished my Open Baffle  🙂 I really want to thank you for the gift you made me by helping me with your secrets!

I wanted loudspeaker especially for my tube amp, I found them! I will not give to you all the superlatives that deserve your OB, but it’s been a kind of shock that I waited a long time, in fact since I design loudspeaker! I listened to several systems about CHF 50’000.- but I had never really been seduced, it was good but not great, just a bit more balanced and a little more defined than what I was doing. And then, while I do not expect a big surprise as the OB are criticized, the slap! A scene, the live music! A real dream !

I’ve attached some photos of my realization

Thank you Ze’ev, a big big thank you 🙂

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