Trio15 Alu Frame

Ze ‘ev Hello my friend,
The new frames are beautiful and quite ridged. I thought the speakers sounder great using my old stands, but the lack of coloration with the new stands is startling they sound so much fuller and open. There is something whole about the sound, as if the speaker speaks with one voice….very immediate and so good at expressing the subtle nuances in each recording, I am quite impressed. So assembly was easy put all the bolts in and assemble everything before tightening worked best. One suggestion for the crossover mounting I placed a rubber grommet (your red washers) on either side of the board at each mounting screw tightened them to just being snug, seems to help dampen and isolate the board. Also a few nylon wire clamps to hold all the wires in place would be nice finishing touch. I can not wait for the new drivers…….Very well done my friend these are an incredible bargain. I had several musician friends over last weekend and they were quite impressed, although they were a bit pinched by the price they were thinking that they could live with just the full range driver and gradually add the 15″ drivers. I am currently using a pair of S3 REL subs to make these truly full range and the sound is thee best I have ever had in a system!

Harry F. III

Few weeks later (after receiving the A15neo drivers):

Hi Ze’ev,
Well after many hours the drivers and cables have broken in, midway through a Bob Dylan Album
the whole sound just suddenly relaxed. I have been using a Musical Fidelity KW500 integrated amp, the sound is
quite good, the imaging is beyond anything I have experienced, decay and attack are as good as live music. Voices are incredibly delineated. Last night I listened to original Elvis recording and the age of the recording is incredibly recreated from the tonality of the vintage microphones to the hollow sound of the recording venue…astonishing! So I know wish to pursue bi-amping the speakers and was wondering is it at all possible to obtain a unpopulated  pair of the circuit boards used for the crossover with the binding post, so I can drive the full range driver with a tube amp. Are they available and at what cost?

BTW I am using Morrow wire for the Speaker harness and the runs to the amp SP-4


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