Trio15 Classic w/ Voxativ AC-PiFe and PassLabs INT25 Amplifier

Hi Ze’ev,

I picked up my Pass INT-25 last Friday, and then set up over the weekend with my PAP Classics.
Holy smoke!!!  As the expression goes…??.  And I was concerned about a trade off in power for musicality!!!  ???
I need some time to digest this new amp and it’s sonic presentation.  It eliminates some questions I had, however will probably raise some others, and so I thought it would be best to postpone our conversation a little further until I organize my thoughts and questions.
My first impression of the PAP / Pass INT-25 pairing is ???.  NO REGRET.  I feel fortunate that my connection with it was facilitated through your enthusiasm about your experience with your XA.
Thanks Ze’ev.  I’ll be in touch.
————————  a week later  ————————


Until we talk I am simply affirming that your experience with your XA led me to considering the INT, and liking so much what I read about the INT I decided as you know to “go for it”.  I am glad I did!
Wow, what authority they seem to exhibit with the Classic Voxativs!  Any concerns I had about the amp being shy on authority or power with the PAP’s have been dashed.
Presentation is deep and detailed and well sorted….I am seeing that.  The finesse and sonic mass you discuss about the Voxativ PiFe’s are certainly brought out nicely by the amp, and seem to be optimized with the Pass/Voxativ PAP pairing.
Thanks Ze’ev!

Mark H., USA

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