Trio15 Classic

Well I’d say my Trio15 Classics with the Voxativ drivers are truly broken in. Inner detail, a sense of authority, and a top to bottom coherence, harmonic integrity, and a tonal rightness are happily present. By no means do they provide for an etched or hyped up sound. Well recorded piano, a most difficult instrument to reproduce, is well rendered in terms of tonal balance, impact and soundstage. I am now listening to Colin Stetson’s Sorrow, a piece that covers the orchestral spectrum with a rather solid bottom end to it. The Trio15’s get the performance’s gestalt and leave me wanting nothing from the experience. I had specifically gone down this path seeking a realistic representation of acoustic jazz performances, especially those leaning heavily on piano, trumpet and sax with a solid rhythm section. I have that and more. The speakers literally disappear in my room. One minor quibble at this point would be improved instrument location within the soundstage. A change in interconnects, speaker cables and possibly speaker wire harness may yield improvement in this area. Personally I’d sacrifice this characteristic for the truthful tonality and top to bottom coherence I have achieved to date with this system. These can do straight ahead jazz, and hardcore avant-garde creative music without missing a beat. Now for the supporting players: Decware SE84UFO with 25th anniversary mod (2.3WPC!!), Coda 02b, SimAudio 310LP, Linn Sondek LP 12 with Denon DL304 MC, Metrum Onyx, Oppo 103, Mac Mini server, PS Audio P15 regenerator, PS Audio AC-12 and various Shunyata Power Cords, Straightwire Maestro Interconnects, Discovery Essential biwire speaker cables. Did I mention the speakers are powered by a 2.3 WPC tube SET amplifier with zero feedback, one cap and one resistor and two tubes in the audio circuit. Vinyl playback is incredible! My hats off to Ze’ev, Thomas and the Pure Audio Project Team. A most musical experience. Listening to the final side, (4), of Oregon’s In Performance. The first cut is a free improvisational piece, Free Piece, with tremendous dynamics, acoustic piano, english horn, percussion, and bass. Listening confirms my decision regarding my PAP Trio Classic 15 with the Voxativ AC-PiFe. Those unfamiliar wih the LP will surely be rewarded by seeking it out.


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