Trio15 Coax in Alaska

Hi Ze’ev,

It’s taken me awhile to settle into my new PureAudioProject Trio Coax speakers. . . but I am really satisfied with my current set up! (Thanks for the Face Time call – it all got sorted and I ultimately landed on the stock resistor values! ;).

I‘ve enjoyed a nice custom pair of speakers with RAAL ribbons, Accuton mid drivers, and PHL 12” bass drivers for years. . . (among many other commercial offerings) but always missed the dynamic impact of percussive instruments (of course including piano) with many music genres including jazz, electronic, chamber, Latin, hard rock and beyond. . . so I want my system to do everything really well (clearly nothing new)! Okay but better than “really well” – emotionally transportive!

. . . I do have a pair of Rythmik Audio 12” servo controlled subs with one shown in the pic (not really needed but I’m still experimenting). . . My electronics are highly modded kits which I love but there is the challenge (for me) of owning and loving “zero negative feedback” tube designs and wanting for (a bit more) damping factor! (that costly lunch cliche again). . .

So I’ve used the autoformers for years using only the 1.3x setting to just put a bit more “form” around the bass. . . tonally speaking.  The recording “Pepe and the Bottle Blondes: Late Night Betty” is an off shoot of Pink Martini and is a fully embodied listening experience but the PAP Trios really brought the full dynamics of this recording to life – Just fabulous! (timbre, balance, presence, rhythm and pace, dynamics/visceral impact, etc.)

. . . anyway, from – Philip Glass, Beats Antique, Chopin, Clifford Brown, Max Roach, Booker Ervin, Sarah Vaughan, Ojos de Brujo, Jessica Williams, Tape Five, The Grassy Knoll, to Tool – I’m having a fabulous time listening (we have a short summer in Alaska so I’m not supposed to be inside listening this much until winter) and many of my music loving friends have enthusiastically approved of my new audio related acquisition!!!

(I have a small contingent of friends that come over from what started with a “Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology” listening/study project to an excuse (as though we needed one) to get together to eat, drink and listen . . .)
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I’m writing this listening to Wendy Sutter play Songs and Poems for Solo Cello written for her by Philip Glass. . . stunning!

The ability to assemble and enjoy or assemble, experiment, tweak, and enjoy is perfect for this semi-diy guy in Alaska!

(. . . and of course I’m curious about your other offerings . . . it would be strange not to be . . . right ;))

Thanks, take care, be safe,

M.B, Anchorage, Alaska

PS . . . and of course you’ve got a standing invitation to visit Alaska now

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