Trio15 Horn 1

Ok, let’s hope the Mundorf show up, I would love to try them out. 

I have a couple of pics, however my setup is not ideal yet, I have been doing some remodeling and haven’t finished the final listening area as yet. 

I have them paired with the NAD M33 Class D streaming amp and they seem to match really well, the distortion and noise floor is very low with this amp, they sound fantastic together, very holographic, bass is fast and very tight, midrange is lovely, the highs are just right, not harsh or too  bright. I haven’t tried any other type amps so couldn’t say about those but they seem to like the Class D. 

I’m using the Anti-cables 3.1 speaker wires, again seems a good match.  

I think they must be getting broken in by now and they are sounding better with age.

Thanks again and for the smooth process of receiving the parts, I actually enjoyed assembling the speakers, the first time for me. It really wasn’t difficult, the end result is definitely worth it.

All the best,


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