Trio15 Horn1

Hi all! This is how my setup looks now. I recently updated my Trios from TB to Horn1. But, first things first, sorry: my SACD-player Marantz SA-KI Pearl stopped working and it has now been on repairing company more than 6 months. Reason is they cannot find a part from any continent. Now I found a part myself but I cannot speak French. Maybe someone could help me a bit? Company is not answering for inquiry post and I cannot get through via phone since I have no idea what the machine is answering. I already tried buttons 1 and 2 but it is dead end. Maybe someone knows the right button combination to get to speak for some person (in English?) or….this is something I need and maybe the last working spare part on planet if it really exists:…/Piece-reference-612482… Then second part of the post – upgrade: I’m REALLY happy about the upgrade I made. I was a bit worried how this turns out since I was also happy with TB’s and how dipole is working in my room. But when I got burn-in completed, I noticed that sound was well controlled (~coherent?), accurate, pure, organic, enjoyable sharp with high definition but not at all fatiguing..just pure joy. Everything I’m listening is rolling..foots are tapping or head is banging or… ? AND the most odd thing is that I’m singing along music and I’m anything but a singer. Absolutely great speakers. Thank you. Best regards, Jarno, -20 C but sunny Finland!

J.K., Finland

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