Trio15 Horn1

Hi Ze’ev,

I’m having some delays with my power conditioner getting delivered. I will share some early feedback with you. As I make system changes, modifications and things settle in – I’ll continue share my future feedbacks with you.

Horn1 is getting better with breaking in. Sound stage has opened up. Moving from voxativ to horn1, the first thing I noticed how the horn is more refined! The sound is organic, little on the warmer side of neutral but not at all euphonic and yet has all the details. It’s amazing that having SO much details the Horn1 is managed to extract from music and yet it is never on your face. It presents all the details in such an engaging manner that you never get tired of listening to music.

This speaker handles all genre of music really well. Their bass is marvelous, open and immensely satisfying. Horn1 has startling dynamics – both micro and macro. After I added an active preamp, the micro dynamics has increased even more.

I also use these speakers for my home theater duty. Being open baffle and horn – it’s MUCH easier to make them sing in a smallish apartment. It’s amazing how the four 15″ woofers don’t overload the room. Previously a boxed speaker with 7″ woofer would overload the room with sound treatment. Also, with Trio15 horn1 – much less sound treatment is required to make them sound best. In fact, I would suggest not to use a lot of absorbers, they’d overdamped the room. After I removed the corner bass traps and two of the absorber panes from second reflection point – the sound has opened up and improved even more.

The upgrade and modding options with the Trio15 is insane. I’ve changed the internal wiring to dueland hookup wire to good effect. The speakers are so transparent that it will let you know the smallest changes in your system. I’m planning to change the crossover and capacitors next. There’s huge potential for customizing the sound even more.

I’ll share two additional tips/feedback:

1. Ze’ev shipped me some PAP branded hockey pucks to put underneath the speakers. It elevated them by an inch. This opened up the soundstage even more and the sound become cleaner, precise. However, without the pucks – the sound was a tiny bit more dense and richer.

2. By screwing the baffles to the frame tighter or looser the sounds changes in a subtle but noticeable way. When the baffle is more loose – the sound is richer/dense with perhaps less definition. When you tighten the screws of the baffles to the frame – it sounds cleaner/precise. Just like adding the hockey pucks above. A lot depends on what you like.

I’m now listening to music more than ever thanks to Horn1. These speakers are the real deal!

S.M., New York

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