Trio15 Horn1 in Singapore

All parts arrived well, and I enjoyed the build – all completed.

And, yes we’re certainly the new sound. Incredible clarity of sound compared to anything I’ve owned before!

I also got the Horns in place in time for my wife’s 50th, and the speakers were a huge hit with our guests too so we ended up rifling through CD’s for 1 song here and 1 there, CD’s all over the floor.. – just as we used to do many years ago. Good fun, so just for that they’re also great! Otherwise, in more quiet circumstances we’re also enjoying our records with a much improved sound: OK some of the records come with a little background crackle, but that is part of the charm.

Few weeks later:

Back now, and listening to great sound! It is so so clear! I will have to upgrade the rest also now

Few months later:

I’m pleased to say that we got to listen to the new speakers quite a lot when I was home this time. They are really great! -and get better and better.

But, as you probably saw from the photo our living space is quite large and over two floors, so I’m sure it would look nicer and sound even better with the quintet..?

So, I’m thinking of an upgrade (read feedback after upgrading to Quintet15)


Admin: and this customer indeed did the upgrade to Quintet15, see:

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