Trio15 Horn1 (US)

Currently, digital source is Tidal through Bluesound streamer. Preamp is a 5687 tube unit. As you can see I am trying out my own 2A3 power amp. 4 watts is enough. I also thought that I should try a transistor amp (first time in 20 years) to see what kind of grip it has over the speakers so I got one. Grip and control is good. Will be very good for Beethoven’s 9th and Mahler symphonies particularly the 2nd. And in the mid range, hard to detect the difference between my 2A3 and the Pass Lab. Perhaps with Vinyl, the difference will be more apparent. Still the PasLab is a very good unit.

So in conclusion, Ze’ev, I think you have a winner here. I am looking forward to taking it as far as it can go.

J. Lee

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