Trio15 Horn1 with custom German Oak Baffles in Switzerland

Hi Ze’ev,

I finally send you the pictures of my speakers. I was away several weeks and before my departure on vacation the house was in a big mess.

The sound quality continues to improve and I would like to do a review in a few weeks, when the sound will be well stabilized.

So far I am absolutely delighted with the fantastic sound quality of my system. I have two amps: Cayin A-88T and Line Magnetic LM-211ia (EL34). The Cayin is more detailed while the Line Magnetic is warmer and haunting. I changed the capacitors for Jantzen Audio Silver Z-cap.

I was wondering what impact would an amp with 300b tubes or 845 … your opinion on this subject interests me.

Best regards.
Umberto G., Switzerland

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