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Since its launch in 2014, the Trio15 in it’s various forms was described by reviewers, customers, and industry members as a speaker that “honors the music”, that ishighly engaging”, “emotionally moving”, “organic” and “totally no-fatigue”, whereas “instruments are presented with realistic density, throwing a huge room-filling sound field, dynamically expressive, that simply demands that you pay attention to the music”.

With years, we added more center drivers, crossovers, and finishing options. All address the different sonic and lifestyle preferences of our customers, to enjoy a speaker that “plays the room with you-are-there perspective versus they-are-here”, a speaker that “liberates the music”.


For realistic and no-fatigue music experience


For effortless and dynamic sonic performances with any amplification


For reliable music reproduction and overall seamless sonic blend

The Trio15 is our most versatile model and its size is just perfect for medium to large sized rooms.

Trio15 design is open and modular. It features a selection of top-grade center drivers from different audio technology genres, audiophile-grade interchangeable and upgradeable crossovers, a variety of finishing options, and a straightforward cost-effective up-scale path to Quintet15.

These features, together with a genuine musicality, organic and totally no-fatigue cross-genre music experience, make the Trio15 into a prime choice for hundreds of music lovers world wide, and a reference speaker for many industry members and reviewers alike.


Once decided on the Trio15, the next step is to choose the center driver and baffle finishing.

Our offering of center drivers covers three major genres of audio drivers technologies. Full-range drivers, horns, and mid/tweeter drivers.

Though the overall music experience with the different center drivers is quite similar, every driver highlights specific sonic features reflected by its build and design.

Read more about the various center drivers and choose the one that best matches to your sonic preferences, your music DNA, your room acoustics, and your favorite audio gear.


Wide-range 1.4” Wooden Horn

With Trio15 Horn1 the border line between live performance and reproduced music simply disappears. Instruments become live… live in front of you… fast, dynamic and full body.

With it’s unique soft Polymer dome, large throat, strong Neodymium motor and wide wood waveguide, Horn1 presents a warm and smooth sound, with all the dynamics, fast-response, clarity and resolution great horns are known for, but without any typical ‘horn-harshness’ whatsoever!

With your eyes closed, this will be impossible to point on the drivers. D’appolito configuration sets the sonic-center-of-mass exactly at the horn throat, and this turns the Trio15 into kind of a large point-source disappearing speaker.

Trio15 w/ Horn1 ability to excel with all genres made it one of our most popular models.

If you are a fan of horns and/or want to experience the magic of horn-based speakers, you should seriously consider this highly acclaimed and award-winning model, the Trio15 Horn1.


“Great as these speakers sounded at Hickman’s house, I was still expecting that pinched horn sound. None is present in the Trios – zero.

Hours pass by and on many occasions, what begins as an afternoon listening session, lingers far into the night hours – even with daylight saving time in full effect. A wide range of music proves highly engaging and exposes no flaws in the Trios. They play everything you can imagine with ease.

Enjoyable as these speakers are, you need to hear them. Their clear, dynamic sound reminds me of so many aspects of other speakers that I truly love. They disappear in the room and provide pinpoint imaging when required like a great mini monitor, yet, they paint a vast, diffuse landscape like my Magnepan Tympanis, all the while, having the sheer sonic punch of the Klipsch LaScalas.

Jeff Dorgey, ToneAudio Magazine



Co-axial 10” mid-range w/horn tweeter

Our newly released custom Coax10 center driver, was designed to push the sonic envelope to the edge, but without loosing the organic and emotionally moving presentation, warmth and musicality.

The Coax10 driver features a high-end 10′′ mid-woofer with a light-paper cone and a 1/4′′ Horn tweeter with Polymer dome (similar to our Horn1), but differently from typical configurations, both are mounted on the same axis, aka Coaxial design.

Such an advanced coaxial center driver, with  mid and tweeter in the center and woofers in D’Appolito design form kind of a large-size point-source configuration that makes all sound organic, natural and no fatigue with the finest details and nuances while speakers disappear.


“The resolution and nuance retrieval capabilities of the 10” Coaxial driver are pleasantly beyond what I had expected! The larger mid-bass driver and the tweeter are able to send through to the listener as much information from the signal as I hear from the electrostatic, omni, or line source designs I have used.

…The Coaxial driver is so generous that it reveals the quickness in the fingering of the strings, and is plush enough to capture a wide range of detail, from the initial scraping and release of the string to the peak of its vibration. For the better part of twenty years, I have worked to get systems to present the bass line clearly. It is not easy to get an audio system to reveal the bass line distinctly.

…The Trio15 Coax10 is masterful in moderating shrillness, whether instrumental or vocal. In your system, relative to the other PureAudioProject center drivers, the Coax10 will be warmer sounding and riper sounding.


Douglas Schroeder, Dagogo

If you are a fan of Full Range Drivers and/or looking for music experience that is just life like balanced, effortless, spacious… you should look at Trio15 with one of the Voxativ drivers.

Full range drivers are known for their rich, organic and musically engaging presentation. Being built with one motor (magnet system) and one membrane, there is no shift in phase nor in sonic signature all the way from the low mids to the very highs. Also, there is no need to cross two drivers with different sonic signatures in a critical listening frequency zone.

Many describe the sonic experience of Trio15 with Voxativ drivers as ‘organic’ and ‘realistic’. Indeed, their build, their blend with our light and fast15″ woofers, the short  audio path crossover (1st order, series), and the D’appoiito (WMW) configuration, all make music sound and feel as if ‘musicians are in the room’; which is in many cases how our customers describe the Trio15… (read Customers Feedback and Revues below).

Over the years Voxativ full range drivers won their position as the ‘gold standard’ among full range drivers, and we have selected three specific models that work at best in our designs.

All three sound extremely natural, rich and smooth, with all the clarity, resolution, and beautiful sonic finesse. No typical mid ‘stoutness’ whatsoever that many full range drivers suffer from. They differ in their build and this is reflected in each one’s unique sonic features.

Voxativ AC-1.6

a classic full-range driver, with Ferrite motor and light Japanese paper cone.

The AC-1.6 built quality is simply top-notch and it offers a truly emotionally moving music experience. Smooth and full-body, transparent and airy, with all the resolution and clarity, this driver is a ‘classic’ and a ‘no-hesitation’ choice for Trio15.

Voxativ AC-PiFe

Wood Cone Ferrite Driver.

This unique driver adds to all the features of AC-1.6 an unprecedented sense of sonic-mass and realism. Instruments and vocals not only ‘sound great’ but also are ‘physically felt’. The music experience with AC-PiFe in Trio15 is simply addicting!

Voxativ AC-X

The Field Coil

This driver is a league of its own and its musicality and sonic performances are on a level that is rare with conventional drivers. The dynamics between the instruments and their definition in time and space are no less than striking. All sounds extremely organic and smooth, with resolution to the finest details coming from the depth of the driver in a totally effortless way.

AC-X design and build, as well as the AC-1.6 and the PiFe are a blend of engeneering, art, and deep understanding of drivers technology and acoustics…


With years of experience and customers in different climate environments, we have narrowed our baffle materials to three types that excel to perform even in high vibrations scenarios, 3/4” High Density Fiberboards (or Plywood), 3/4” three layers Bamboo or Wood sheets, 7/8” genuine German Oak (with anti-vibration inserts).

Their unique finishing will compliment their music performances, and both will blend naturally with the life-style of your room, your office, or your cave

HDF/Plywood baffles are finished to matte or gloss, while Bamboo and wood baffles are cut to maintain the grain along the speakers and are oiled.
In addition, for desired custom finishes, please contact us for an offer and a quote.

German Oak

Our genuine German Oak baffles are cut from long pieces of wood and numbered to maintain wood original grain.

They are handcrafted with a unique 3/7″ (1cm) deep insertion for extended strength and anti-vibration; smoked and oiled to the selected finishing;… all per order by Holzbodenmanufaktur in south Germany.





OB-A15SEN aka NEO are our proprietary audiophile grade, high-resolution 15″ woofers. They were designed specifically  for Open Baffle and for PureAudioProject in co-operation with Eminence. The OB-A15SEN are extremely light and fast response drivers that are not only field proven and great performers of deep bass, but they also play full body midrange and integrate smoothly with fast and refined drivers that are used in the different Trio15 models.  

“Well well… the deep bass coming out of these speakers, it’s not just that is a deep and ‘feeling it in your chest’ thing; yeah, I felt that before, but the speed of these woofers is just in another class from everything else, it just is. Yeah, I’ve never heard anything quite like that in this room”

Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac 


All our speakers are shipped with passive crossovers that feature audiophile grade components values and types carefully selected for the specific model. Except for the Trio15 Coax10, that comes with a dedicated crossover, all out Trio15 speakers work with our first-order series short-path crossover. All components on Thrier crossovers are mounted with a screwdriver at Gold screw terminals. This allows you to swap and evaluate various brands and types and even values of components, to enjoy the process, and if needed to fine tune your speakers to your personal sonic preference, your room and your favorite audio gear.

Differently from the Thrier, the crossover for Quintet15 Coax is fourth order for sharp slope integration between the mid and the tweeter drivers and a second order Low Pass Filter for the woofers. The types of the components on this crossovers were sonically matched for their specific task and no compromises were taken with regards to their grade and cost. Silver/Gold Oil, Foil Coils are High Res Foil Resistors are among the chosen one for this unique crossover.


  • True Point Source D’appolito Design
  • Sensitivity > 96db (in a typical room).
  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm.
  • Frequency Range: 29-32hz to 20Khz (in a typical room).
  • Drivers: see above: About Trio15 Components.
  • Crossovers: see above: About Trio15 Components.
  • Typical distance from rear wall: 2-4′ (60-120cm)
  • Distance from side walls: Any
  • Size: W:54cm H:125cm D:27cm | W:21.25″ H:49.4″ D:10.63″
  • Weight: starts at 55lb/25kg


״These speakers are not one the kind that put you on the mixing board and deconstructs the music. This speaker puts you squarely in Row 10 of the performance. That’s close enough to enjoy musical details but far enough back to understand how it all works together. It is a speaker that presents the music as an amalgamation of notes, tones, and harmonics whose sum is greater than the parts that make it up…These are speakers that honor the music.”

Ken Redmond, The AudioBeatnik. 


”I complement PureAudioProject on creating truly unique loudspeakers. They have the open presentation of planars, but retain the impressive dynamics of traditional horns. The horns and bass drivers are mated perfectly for an engaging lifelike presentation. They have the added capability of switching out components in the crossover to tailor the sound to your liking…”

The Review, by Paul L. Schumann 


“Enjoyable as these speakers are, you need to hear them. Their clear, dynamic sound reminds me of so many aspects of other speakers that I truly love. They disappear in the room and provide pinpoint imaging when required like a great mini monitor, yet, they paint a vast, diffuse landscape like my Magnepan Tympanis, all the while, having the sheer sonic punch of the Klipsch LaScalas.”

Jeff Dogrey, Tone Audio Magazine

“Okay, so what makes this system so magical? It’s really a construct of several pieces that, once assembled, create a state of the art speaker system that, for its price, can rival just about anything on the market today.“

Pete Davey, Positive Feedback


Read More Feedback & Reviews


All Duet15, Trio15* and Quintet15 speakers are shipped flat packed in a disassembled form.

Assembly is breeze simple and the only tools needed are an Allen key (for the speakers) and a screwdriver (for the crossover).

(*) – For Trio15 we have also designed a unique out-of-the-box, ready-made Open Baffle Enclosure, the Trio15 Classic

All components are made in the USA and Europe, sold and shipped directly to our customers.

Starting at $7,990

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At any time, the Trio15 can be scaled up to the Quintet15.

Quintet15 has a Quintet15 Frame, four more woofers and baffles and different crossover components.