Trio15 PAP-Horn1 (Capacitor Swap)

The caps have provided some interesting insights into the ability of the speakers to reveal issues/weak links in the system. After installing the caps, I realized that much of what I was hearing was upstream. The change of caps just made it easier to locate the problems and focus on adjustments to both the digital and analog front ends. Re-configuring my digital components and fine-tuning the turntable set-up have made significant improvements and the speakers have made each change & adjustment obvious & readily apparent. The PAP Horns are like microscopes for everything in front of them and continue to amaze w/their resolving ability.

I’m not experienced in the impact of tweaking XO components but for me, the impact of the change in caps was primarily the sound of greater ‘punch’ and ‘snap’ from the horns. To my way of thinking, both of those things result from greater transparency, so that’s the attribute I’d most associate to the Clarity caps.

Beyond that, the speakers have continued to improve w/additional time. The bass continues to develop better definition and impact and the horns are smoother and more airy w/less edge. They just keep getting better!!!

Needless to say, I continued to be thrilled w/what the PAP Horns have brought to my system how much enjoyment they provide.
My decision to purchase PureAudioProject speakers is reinforced every time I sit down to listen!

All the best,

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