Trio15 PAP-Horn1

“I’m past the 200 hr. mark on break-in now and delighted at the transformation of the speakers!  They’ve become remarkably musical & very satisfying.  I can’t say that I’ve heard another speaker that provides the thrill of listening that the PAP horn gives.  I look forward to many years of enjoyment from them… Finally, let me express my gratitude for sticking w/me thru months of indecision.  In the end, I’m confident that the PAP Horn1 was the perfect choice for me and will provide years of satisfied listening!!
I hope all of you at PAP receive an equal measure of joy to that provided to your customers!! Thanks again & all the best…”

A week later:

“I was listening to Ahmad Jamal’s “The Essence Vol. 1” the other nite and it sounded amazing on the Horn 1. Not just the sound, but the music was so much more compelling and engaging than I’ve heard it before.  I thought to myself, I need to email Ze’ev and let him know about this record.  If you enjoy jazz, I think you’d love this and it would make for great demo on the PAP Horn 1.  On the other hand, if I emailed you every time I heard something great on the Horn 1, you’d get tired of hearing from me in a day or 2!!”

Ray S., USA

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