Trio15 Voxativ AC-X Field Coil

The final bits of my order arrived last Friday and my son and i had a great time assembling your speakers. It is crazy easy!! Fit and finish is excellent.. No fiddling around to make things go together. i have been listening to your trio 15’s with the voxative field coils now for about a week, around 50 hours. So well below the recommended break-in period 0f 100 – 200 hrs but i can already tell that there is something very special going on! They sound absolutely amazing … I am driving them with a pair of home made 2A3 parallel SET that put out roughly 6 watts, and boy does the system sing! every note is crystal clear with details i do not think i have heard before. the most amazing part is that the music just seems to flow effortlessly through them… So probably for the first time in many years i am actually enjoying the music rather than trying to analyzing my system!! i listen to a wide variety of music from classic Jazz to blues to rock and all of it sounds great! these speaker replace a set that i think are close to 2x as expensive and there is simply no comparison! Cannot imagine what they will sound like when fully broken in! Full update in another month when everything is broken in.

R.R., Netherlands

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