Trio15 Voxativ

TB is a well balanced driver and it works with PAP very well.  I wrote it a while ago, and I love it….. but Ze’ev told me that a new driver is coming up, I was thinking hmmm….. TB suits me very well, I don’t need to change it.

After he told me that this is a Voxativ… the evil side of my brain refresh me the sound I have heard in a high end show of Voxativ.  The feeling was pretty special, it’s very smooth and fast, sounds like Alnico drivers that I have heard from other vintage equipment. I didn’t think too much at that time, because the price is out of my budget, and I consider that as a reference sound to compare with my system. Or you can say it’s a dream system to me. Then… I bought Voxativ driver along with Leonidas Crossover.

Just like everybody will write: I am shocked!!

Much more details in every ways. Highs makes me feel the atmosphere of a room and also extend to the top, feels like I know how high the roof top of the room in the recording is. Mids makes the vocal deep in and have more depth. Lows, mostly still from 4 woofers but seems like brings a little more details by the help of Voxativ drivers, it kinda blends together to make crossover point very smooth. Leonidas really helped I guess.

Leonidas crossover can be modified in a very convenient way, just unscrewed and you can change resistors or caps right away. I have been thinking trying different caps to make PAP sound more of my taste, but for now, I think I will just enjoy the setup of Leonidas, it’s great, and I feel it’s just right, no need to add or mod anything.

I was very lucky to meet Ze’ev in my place last month and enjoying listening PAP VOXSTIV together. We change comments and share MUSIC together. I think the most important thing is to listen to the music, not to keep changing on the system.

Zeev’s loves music, he can enjoy music right away. I can tell on his body momentum, hehe!!

And there I had it, PAP VOXA….

Thank you, Ze’ev~

Tony L.

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