Trio15 Voxativ

This feedback is by a proffessional visitor at a customer:

Had a great listening experience at Maarten’s place. We were listening to the PureAudioProject Trio15 Voxativ. I took with me my “voicing – cd” and Maarten was willing to play it all. I know this cd very well and it’s made as a compilation with many tracks , that all have just their special things, to make anomalies audible.Looks and cosmetics are just Great !! Maarten took the all white version and this just looking awesome in his apartment. I’m not that much about “the looks” but this convinced even me to pay more attention to that kindda things !! I also asked Maarten to play at the SPL level he normally did. Even , playing at low level , there was a good sonic balance. Maarten’s face was glowing and shining when we listened !! He made the very right choice for himself and that’s the most important thing. For myself : I could live very happy with this set for the rest of my life !!Ze’ev did a very good voicing of this set. This is what I have in mind when using the word “voicing”. Voicing a speaker by altering it’s Xover could include a variety of things, including but not limited to: For one, any number of Xover points within a safe range for the chosen drivers could be made to sum to a reasonable response. However, different points will most definitely make the speaker sound different as either driver handles a varied frequency range. The type of slopes chosen for the Xover can change “voicing.” Maybe a 2-way speaker sounds good with a symmetric LR2 Xover. How would it sound if you changed to non summing odd-order Butterworth slopes, especially off axis? I would think “voicing” could also encompass direct changes in FR of individual drivers. For example if you were to shunt a small cap across the series leg of a tweeter’s l-pad, the highs above a certain frequency would be boosted. That would be differently “voicing” the speaker.)

Something special draw my attention :
In the “old” days we had vynil records and they became noisy and scratchy after a while. You had those very expensive phono cartridges that did something special ; you could still hear the scratches , but it was , as of , they were not part of the music anymore. They were kindda seperated in your brain.

The Voxativ unit does something simular.
Nowadays we have many tracks with “power compression” in the mids , mid highs.
With my Lowther DX3 , it’s sometimes hard to listen to “bad” recordings.
The Voxativ does something special. Just like my example of phono cartridges , The Voxativ separates , one way or the other , those “nasty sounds” , and puts it “more in the background”.

This is realy very special for a loudspeaker unit !!

I can write about many things about this very nice evening , all I can say is : I loved it and it was great to hear what the Leonidas* XO is capable of 😉

(*) – Leonidas is the previous version of our current ‘Thrier’ crossover. Both share similar circuit and components in this configuration..

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