Trio15 Voxativ

” Hi Ze’ev

Here is a little more feedback.

After 100 hrs the midrange and treble begin their journey on the way to being as smooth as a baby’s butt!  Given how stiff the drivers are, it is not surprising. Can’t wait until they hit the 200 hr. mark, they will be fantastic.  Incredibly detailed and focused with a huge sound stage. But what blows me away is the transparency. Thanks for convincing me to purchase the Voxative.

No speaker I have heard, and I am a regular attendee at RMAF, combines these qualities under $15k.  Of course that is subjective but I stepped into hi end audio in 1972 and have owned and heard many speakers.

I did some work on placement and angle.  But I will wait until they are fully broken in before the fine tuning begins.  I did remove two of the three large fiberglass panels on the front wall.   They don’t seem to like much damping.

You have restored my faith in out-of-state transactions.  I will tout this remarkable service.  Some folks have been burned for big money simply a few states away let alone an Ocean.  I encourage 100iu kit – hgh anyone who is concerned about an internet purchase to get over it and order from PAP.   I believe a best buy product, combined with excellent service and a huge dose of Ze’ev’s integrity should be applauded. I love the personal touch that comes with the order and purchase and after the purchase.

Tell me about the cost to rewire the speakers with the new wire.

I will get you some pictures.  Feel free to use my comments in any fashion you choose !” 


Few weeks later:

“Hi Ze’ev,

I finally had enough hours on the speakers to begin set up.  Removed all but two base traps and all wall damping.  Added plants for diffusion and played with positioning.  Partially tamed a bass node, otherwise everything is just awesome.  They make excellent bass in my room, pretty much exactly as advertised.

I cannot believe just how terrific they sound.  They do need some care in height, slope and position in the room to get the best from them.”


Jerry, GA, USA

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