Trio15 Voxativ

Hi Ze’ev,

I am loving the speakers! I built new crossovers and while they were expensive, they have improved upon the already great sound. Following is my feedback:
I recently purchased a pair of Trio15 Voxativ open baffle speakers from PureAudioProject. I purchased with some trepidation having never owned a pair of open baffle speakers before. Once all the parts arrived I put them together (easy) with the help of very clear video instructions that were provided. I have to say these are the best I have ever owned and I’ve had some $10k speakers. The bass is so much cleaner and clearer that any others, I am amazed. My last pair of speakers had high powered amplified subs built in and were know for clean tight bass. They sounded muddy and slow compared to the Trio15s. The Voxativ full range driver is a joy. It is smooth, open, and detailed but not bright or edgy. Sound stage is wide, deep and articulated. Bottom line is I can listen to these speakers for hours with no fatigue and I constantly find myself grinning when listening to familiar discs on them. Ze’ev and Thomas were a complete pleasure to work with and I highly recommend the company and the speakers.

Best regards,

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