Jang zen Silver Z-Caps with Trio15 Voxativ

Here is what Scott did and wrote to us about his Trio15 Voxativ ! Enjoy !!!

“Thomas, Ze’ev,

I just replaced the main capacitors with three Jantzen Silver Z-Cap capacitors 2% 800v 22uf. 

I used three 22uf to replace each 68uf Mundorf cap.



All I can say is it took the speakers to a “much much” higher level, I mean beyond amazing.

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Such a full rich deep smooth detailed sound, absolutely beautiful, goose bumps good, best I have ever heard by far.

Highly recommend changing that capacitor out.

We need a forum on your webpage Ze’ev.

Thanks guys.


Scott F. Lamitie”

Trio15 Voxativ Open Baffle Speakers by PureAudioProject Scott LR

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