Trio15 Voxativ PiFe

Well these woofers babies are broken in now. Good grief that was tough going for many hours but now these speakers make beautiful music.  I listen to a lot of different types of music and I think these speakers handle just about everything I listen to the very very well. Certainly acoustic music is where these really shine. In fact I haven’t heard anything quite like this before. In addition to acoustic music such as 50s-60s jazz…. One of my favorite types of music is progressive rock ‘n’ roll.  I don’t know if you know bands like King Crimson and Porcupine Tree or (early) Genesis but the speakers know how to do that very very well. These bettered speakers I have had in here that were a lot more $$ $… with ease.

To get these broken in I had to put some blankets over the speakers and play and a fairly loud rate while I was at work to finally get through the break in. But it was well worth the effort. I am scared to see my next power bill though as I have A class amps that are costly to operate. The woofers have 230 hours and sound great. The Voxativ FR drivers only have 30 hours and sound amazing! I am not hearing any changes with the Voxativ after 20 or so hours.

Yes I’m having fun.


This customer upgraded the speakers from Trio15 w/ Voxativ PiFe to AC–X Field Coil and afterwards to the Quintet15… see his latest configuration.

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