Trio15 Voxativ (quote from FB thread)

After experiencing Line magnetic 755 field coil speakers for four years, I am back to Open Baffle sound….. Enjoying the fast, open, airy, transparent sound signature with excellent bass and soundstage.
Thank you PureAudioProject
Thank you Ze’ev Schlik for being with me till I fine tuned the set up.

Sameer K, India

Few days after this comment came in:
The best sound system I ever experienced till date with a stupendously fantastic feel of live singers and instruments …… The beauty of this system is it just takes you to a different world with its awesome acoustics , which can take you into Trance……i being a ardent music lover thank Sameer Polkampally for inviting and giving me this oppurtunity for such a fantastic experience which is beyond my imagination…

Sri K, India

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