Trio15 Voxativ (self made baffles)

Best sound ever in my system!!! Genius to get this sound for $5.5K. Your support has been A+ – fast responsive answers. Will keep you posted on sound break in. Up on Nordost Kones.”

…and few weeks later:

“To think all these years I have been paying for “the Box”. I have the Trio15 Voxativ and must say they are by far the best speakers I have heard or owned!! I will never go back to “the Box”!!”

Gary A., USA


… and few months later Gary swapped the 68MF capacitor in the Leonidas XO to ClarityCAP ESA 250v and upgraded the XO cables to our PAP-Foil XOS (prototypes):

“ Hi Ze’ev,

Caps in. Heavenly sound.
You saved my audiophile life!!!
Had ——-  with SS amps to drive them. Lost interest in my system.
Sold the —— and as you know bought the PAP Vox and a tube EAR 890 amp. 
Glorious sounds now!!!
Thanks for your labor of Love and dedication.
Get those ribbons as fast as you can sir!!!! and be amazed!!!


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