Trio15 Voxativ (with AC-PiFe driver) with Thomas Mayer (VinylSavor) amps and phono stage, USA


Here is a picture of the Trio’s in my 17x12x8 foot room. All my equipment is from Thomas Mayer, line stage, D3a phono and the 300b’s. The TT (which will be changed soon to a Garrard 310) is a Technics SP10 Mk2 with a Kuzma 14” tonearm and Airtight PC-1 Supreme cartridge.

The Trio’s work wonderfully with Thomas’ equipment. In fact, the Trio’s are so efficient I may need to reduce the phono stage gain to give myself more headroom in terms of controlling volume.

I find the Trio’s produce a very wide and deep soundstage and a beautifully balanced tonal range, which is one parameter I am most concerned with. I get very refined bass down to 32hz and superb dynamics. I just find instruments sound much more like live performance.

Although the quintets are interesting,  I doubt they would work well in a room this small so it’s the trios as long as I am in this space and I don’t see any deficiencies.

I will be changing the caps soon and I know they and the drivers take a while to settle in,  so I look forward even more refined sound.



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