Trio15 Voxativ with Line Magnetic LM219iA

“Hello Ze’ev,

After about 2 weeks i am able to write something about my Trio’s …. they are great and are getting … awesome!!

With the right equipment, like the Line Magnetic. I have the 219iA and that is a very good match. Soundstage is big, depending on the recording … immense and life-like. What i like very much is that the music comes out effortless (sorry, but i am not a native English speaker so sometimes i might not use the correct words) and with ease …… from the highs to the lows. I can only speak for myself but i think the balance between lows, mids and highs are perfect. By the way … at the moment i do not use the bypass to cut the highs … hear no reason to do that. It is perfect with my taste of music, being classical and (old) jazz. But …. it is as good with other kinds of music .. but i do not play that a lot! J

Mostly when i speak about my equipment with my ‘musicfriends’, it goes like …’it sounds great, but …’, only this time … there is no ‘but’!!!

Thx Ze’ev!!”

Arold, NL

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