Trio15 Voxativ

Jeremy W., who’s review on his first Trio15TB you can read below and at ‘Customers’ Stories’, sold his set to a friend and moved to Trio15 Voxativ.

” Hi Ze’ev, Rachel,

I hope this note finds you well and in great health and spirits.

Thank goodness for our passion for all things audio — a necessary diversion. Crazy times with two teenage daughters and 4 aging parents (all over 85). One can truly appreciate the escape into great music and fantastic sound.

Before it gets lost, let me say that I’m truly enjoying my new Trio 15Vox speakers. I’ve put close to 70 hours on them; running them with a pair of Bruce Moore 300B monoblocks (15w/ch) and have really been digging my new sound. They are definitely a qualitative step up from the original — in bass extension, imaging, and overall presentation. My friend who bought my Trio 15TBs has listened and he’s a bit jealous. But his speakers were a great bargain and a massive step up, so he’s still quite happy. That Voxativ driver has slightly better treble extension also, and really throws an image. The bass is deep, tight, and palpably real. So, another delighted customer. I’ll soon be getting my hands on a pair of 845 monoblocks and can’t wait to hear what those amps will do with these speakers. It’s nice to have options…

…The cables that are included seem to be of excellent quality. I played around a bit using some custom cables, but found the included cables to have better overall synergy with the speakers and so went back to them. Since they are somewhat bulky and floppy, I do wish that they were cut more precisely, had finished ends, and that there were channels along the inside of the frame to guide them in a nicely finished fashion. I ended up using some clear 3M Command fasteners (self adhesive) along the frame to guide the cables — a much cleaner look…

…Anyway, I’ve been through some great music, from Chet Baker, Sings and Plays (LP) to Rickie Lee Jones, Duchess of Coolsville (CD). Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus (first pressing LP); John Mayer, Heavier Things (LP); Steely Dan, Gaucho (LP)… and it goes on. Always a room full of people smiling from ear-to-ear at the music, and blown away by the quality of the sound. If I had to pick, I’d say that small-ensemble jazz and acoustic-based rock — especially solo acoustic — really shine on my system now. Of course, Styx, Renegade, AC/DC, Hells Bells, and Jethro Tull’s My God have also brought the house down, but I still find myself reaching for Jackson Browne’s Solo Acoustic, Jason Mraz’ …We steal things EP, Diana Krall’s The Girl in the Other Room, and Eric Clapton’s Unplugged LPs when I really want to sit-n-sip-n-listen.

Well, thanks for everything. I’ll keep in touch as the sound evolves, and please let me know about those black baffles.

All the best, Jeremy W.”

and few weeks after came this note (on Father’s Day):

“… New sound.

Managed to score these ASL 845s (Shuguang tubes) and they sure do work some special magic on the Trios. I can see why Line Magnetic and Psvane love your speakers so much.

I have a few dads up for the weekend and we’ve spent the last couple evenings sipping bourbon and listening and talking. To quote 1 dad, “Listening to your system gives me the experience of being at an intimate, live performance.” I said, It’s almost live.”, and he replied, “No, it is live.”

We listened to so much good music, track after track, LPs, Cds, and SACDs, that finally we had to shut it down at 2am.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday,

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