Trio15 with Voxativ PiFe Wood Cone Driver

This build was a unique experience for us as the customer asked to use the Voxativ PiFe wood cone driver, that to date we did not try…

Well, we took that challenge and a week after, a set of drivers were installed on our in-house Trio15.

Leonidas XO for AC-1.6 configuration was set. It was immediately clear we need to increase the L value a bit to let the PiFe put the high bass / low mid to place. L2 was removed too and that’s it ! All the rest stayed without a change ! Trio15 Voxativ PiFe started singing and did it 24/7 for a week ! Full body but with all the finesse Voxativ drivers have ! True sonic heaven.

Dismounting the drivers and sending them was not easy but knowing what pleasure these will provide to their new owners compensated on the ‘letting go’ feeling…

Thanks Tim for making the choice and sending us your pictures and feedback !, Ze’ev


Tim W. quote: “I have listened to both the Voxativ Pi driver and the woofers separately and can state with certainty that there is magic in the crossover network. The system is extremely precise throughout the frequency range. Time-phase errors are nonexistent (to my ears). The sound is highly engaging. I haven’t yet experienced any listener fatigue. To the contrary. I’ve had to drag myself away from listening sessions.

I have several sets of speakers, including the Gallo Reference 3.1s and Magnepan 1.7s pictured. Fine speakers all, but since the Pure Audio Project set arrived, I’ve been contemplating unloading the other speakers and therewith about half of my rig. I really listen only to your set anymore. My usual listening position is 9-10′ from each baffle, with the speakers spaced 9′ apart. Some might consider this nearfield but I get extremely good imaging, with a beautiful soundstage.

Normally I run the speakers with a Nagra Jazz (tube) preamp feeding either a First Watt F2/J (an F2 into which Nelson Pass has inserted the SemiSouth input JFETs) or an Audio Note 300b amp (shown tubeless at the moment). I have also used a custom bel canto Fidelio (tube) preamp that’s had the full Ace Tomato Company treatment by Matt Cramer and a one-off original Fi Audio preamp built by Don Garber. The F2/J is my favorite solid-state amp with these speakers. I run the Gallos through a Cary preamp and monoblocks, and the Magnepans through a custom 4P1L (triode) preamp made by Radu Tarta and a Bryston 4BSST2. It’s these last two configurations that I may move on from.

Usually I transfer LPs to half-track 1/4″ tape via a modified Technics 1500 R2R and DeHavilland 222 repro head stage. Playback is through either the Technics or Tascam 3030 decks. A TEAC X2000M mastering deck backs up all through a Bottlehead Repro Tube Headamp. So I mostly listen to tape, then SACD/CD. I like jazz, classical, modern, rock, electronic – pretty much everything, but especially if it’s well-recorded.”

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