Trio15TB Neo

This feedback comes from Mr. Harry Weisfeld, founder of VPI turntables, who like almost all owners of PureAudioProject speakers, purchased his set without audition.

Few days after receiving the Trio15TB:

“I am blown away by the openness and the continuity from top to bottom.  I’m still breaking them in but Ludwig Streicher on his double bass is tactile, you can feel the room shake like a real double bass but with excellent detail and string feel.  As it breaks in it is starting to give me the feeling of my Everest’s for 1/20th the cost and I can lift them, the JBL’s require 4 people.”

A week after:

“After having a wonderful three hours assembling and testing my new pair of Pure Audio project Trio15TB Open Baffle Speakers I was immediately brought back to the 1960’s and the joy I received building my Dynaco and Harmon Kardon kits.  There is adefinite satisfaction assembling your own and knowing exactly how the product works.

A little tight in the midrange and loose in the bass when first turned on giving them seven days of burn in on inter-channel FM white noise loosened up the entire sound and opened up the upper bass and lower midrange to the point of sounding very similar to my JBL Everest’s at 1/15th the price.   These Trio15TB’s are open, exciting, produce a full detailed soundstage, and have that power of the orchestra you can only achieve by getting the critical upper bass lower midrange right.  Best of all I am doing this with a 22 watt integrated triode amp.

Granted, I am feeding it from  a VPI Avenger with  dual pivot 12″ 3D tonearm and Lyra Etna or Grado Statement V2 but it is reproducing everything I am throwing at it with aplomb.  The recording “Basie 88” has some amazing piano notes that can shake a house if done correctly, the Trios do it correctly.  I am actually shocked that an open baffle speaker has this much clean bass with all the rhythm and timing of the big JBL’s.  They are fast!!

Steve Lawrence was in the room on the United Artist’s Ultra Audio “Till There Was You”, and Willie and Merle were enjoying brunch with me on “Poncho and Leftie”.  Best of all my collection of Mercury’s from the late 50’s early 60’s using the Grado was probably the best reproduction I have heard of these venerable classics with lower surface noise (no peaks in the response) than I am used to hearing.

While they are not even completely broken in yet I can recommend the Trio15B as the answer to “where did the dynamics go, where are the goosebumps” and it has become my go to speaker for musical enjoyment.  Heartily recommended to those who know the sound of real instruments in acoustic space.

Ze’ev, John Chen was over from Grado yesterday and he heard it in 10 seconds, that special something that makes it sound real.  Highest praises to you.”

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