A rock-solid, modular and expandable rack for High-End gear and media.

In true PureAudioProject style and design.

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A pair of identical steel brackets create an infinity-shape sidewalls. These sidewalls are used to mount your shelves, while trapping and dissipating unwanted resonances in an endless loop.

The PAP X-rack is rigid where it matters, and flexible where it’s needed. A truly unique design, and a showcase in simplicity and practicality.



The PAP X-Rack consists of Side Walls, each is made of two identical triangle brackets, Shelf Brackets, a pair for every shelf, and  3/4″ (19mm) thickness Shelves, made of Bamboo (natural or caramel) or Plywood (matte white or black)..

With these items only, you can configure your X-Rack to any shape or size that meet your gear and media needs. Stack it up, expand it sideways, add shelves and adjust their height, add a top plate for a turntable… the X-Rack allows all this in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


Plan your X-Rack size and shape and configure it to your specific needs. Than order the items you’ll need for your configuration (see here the measures and few examples).

All will be packed and shipped directly from us to you.


With its minimalistic design, assembly is a breeze. An Allen key is all you’ll need (and it’s included)!

You’ll receive:

  • 4 x M6 bolts for every side wall

  • 4 x M6 bolts for every shelf bracket

  • 4 x M6 bolts and decouplers for every shelf

  • Floor spikes and top plate spikes as needed

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